I can’t usually stomach a whole Ted talk, but every now and then, I stumble on a good one. “The Adventure of Grief” showed up in my YouTube sidebar this evening and I thought what the hell, I’ll click on it because I’m always up for a good adventure. …

mario rosa digital artist

My other half shuffled off this mortal coil on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6:52 p.m.

It’s so weird writing/typing that out. But writing is what I do to get things out of my head… to process.

I’m still in that surreal stage where I feel like I will wake…

Today is March 27th, 2020 … the date is important because at this moment in time, the whole world is having a communal experience, for better or worse, due to the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. I had been working on a draft of this, “Magic of Everyday Life” post…

Sherry Holub

Creative Director and founder of JV Media Design (JVM). Helps small businesses look great. All opinions are my own.

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